Wedge Squared 2.2" Z3 Däck 1/10 Buggy 2wd Fram (2)


Lämpad för:Buggy
Storlek:2,2 tum
Ytterdiameter:75 mm
Innerdiameter:55 mm
Bredd:22 mm
Hårdhet:Z3 (Medium Carpet)

189,00 kr

Wedge Squared 2.2" 2WD Z3 (Medium Carpet) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires for 2.2" 1/10 2WD Front Buggy Wheels

This is a pair of Wedge Squared 2wd Buggy Front Carpet Tires. Indoor Carpet Off-Road Racing is a growing segment of the racing scene and Pro-Line is ready to take over with the new Wedge Squared Front Buggy Tires. The Wedge Squared has twice as much tread as the Original Wedge making the Wedge Squared ideal for tracks that require more steering. The Wedge Squared has a true drop-in bead that does not require cutting or hand fitting and is super narrow and low-profile. The Hook shaped pins provide all the steering you can handle without being grabby. Pro-Line engineers have perfected an all-new Carpet Tire Compound (Z3) specifically for the needs of Indoor Carpet racing. This new Z material provides the best grip on a variety of surfaces used indoor (carpet, wood, cardboard, plastic, etc.). Don’t get Rug-Burned by using the wrong Carpet tire; be on point with the fastest carpet tires yet – Pro-Line’s Pin Point Rears and Wedge Squared Fronts! 

  • Drop-in Bead does not require cutting or hand fitting
  • Twice as many pins as the Original Wedge
  • Super Narrow and Low Profile 2wd Buggy Front Tire
  • Hook Shaped Tread Provides Consistent Steering
  • Specially formulated Z3 Carpet Compound
  • Combine with Pin Point Rears for an unbeatable combination
  • Made in the USA

  • Wedge Squared 2.2” 2WD 1/10 Buggy Front Tires (2 pcs)

  • Height: 75 mm
  • Width: 22 mm

  • Front 2WD 1/10 2.2" Wheels

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